Military ward opened in Polonnaruwa – 1986

Military ward opened in Polonnaruwa – 1986

Casualty Management at the Base Hospital in Polonnaruwa was going on smoothly. I promoted the idea of establishing a Military ward to the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army. That was accepted and a special ward was built adjoining the main hospital. This was opened in November 1986. An Intensive Care Unit with two beds was also set up mainly for the service personnel injured in the conflict.

As the war intensified more and more services personnel injured in conflict were admitted to the hospital. They included Injuries caused by high velocity weapons such as the T56 machine gun, antipersonnel mines, landmines, claymore mines and bomb blasts and other home-made terrorist weapons.

Antipersonnel  mines

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6 thoughts on “Military ward opened in Polonnaruwa – 1986

  1. Dr Gamini Goonetilleke is a person whom I admire very much. It is because of his versality as a great surgeon and his heart of gold as shown by the many virtuous acts he has done during his services in the North and elsewhere. The role played by the doctor in the opening of the military ward in Polonnaruwa is admired.

  2. Really proud of you Gamini. I am happy to note all this as your classmate at St Josephs College, Colombo where you were honoured with the highest award. I look up to as a great product of SJC, a devoted surgeon and a great healer. God bless You

  3. Sir, very valuable photo with the first Tri Forces Commander – General Cyril Ranatunge

  4. That was a great occasion. Very proud of you and your services to the nation

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