Shadows of War – Part 2

Shadows of War – Part 2

Jaffna in the 90s Portrayed through Photographs and Stories

02 Jaffna medical association faculty
Final MBBS examination
Department of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna
Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna
04 The General Hospital Jaffna - 1994
The General Hospital Jaffna – 1994
commemoration ceremony
The entrance to the Jaffna Fort
Jaffna fort occupied by LTTE
07 Bishop of Jaffna
Bishop of Jaffna
St Mary’s Cathedral Jaffna
St Mary’s Cathedral Jaffna
Jaffna Central College
Jaffna Central College
A war-damaged place of worship
A war-damaged place of worship
The Jaffna Library
The Jaffna Library
Jaffna Park
Jaffna Park
A war cemetery in the outskirts of Jaffna
A war cemetery in the outskirts of Jaffna
Chairman of Subhas Hotel
Chairman of Subhas Hotel

The next day–25th November was the expected date of our departure from Jaffna to Trincomalle by the ICRC ship Flamboyan. Thereafter we were to travel to Colombo by bus. Prof. Maheswaran the other examiner was due to accompany me.

There was something that was worrying me. I had not received any word about the release of the two prisoners in LTTE custody even after my intervention via the ICRC.

I was hoping and praying that at least in the morning of the 25th I will receive the good news so that the foursome- Professor, Surgeon and the two fishermen can get back home together safely.

More about it in my next story…

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30 thoughts on “Shadows of War – Part 2

  1. Gamini
    These narratives and tales are so moving .
    The photos are a very good record of the local environment in Jaffna at the time . My gratitude to you for sharing this is immense .
    My admiration for your service to the profession and community in SL is unbounded
    NELUM Devi

  2. Thanks Gamini For sending these really valuable photos of an era in our country that most people have completely forgotten. I never got a chance to visit Jaffna during the war. Although I helped in marking scripts, on the first occasion I was due to go to Jaffna for the clinical an army helicopter was shot down by the LTTE. That was the end of my planned visit. I think you have done considerable service to both healthcare and medical education to these people who were starved of both.Warm regards, Narada

  3. You served your mother land taking a huge risk. I respect you from the bottom of my heart

  4. Amazing pictures and I always wonder how you documented all this, which is a part of our history!
    I must say you look a handsome young doctor

  5. You have left an indelible legacy in the pages of history. Probably unknown but heart of all humanity has been affected.
    We need people like you in the political field in our dear land .
    God bless you and family

  6. Amazing pictures as usual Gamini. Living proof of your bravery, commitment to our beloved motherland and also our profession.

  7. Very interesting and historical document. Thanks for bringing the Divine Touch to those people

  8. Thank you so much for those pictures. Very valuable, emotive and in a way quite nostalgic

  9. The daring Doc.
    Wonder, whether you ever knew the dangers, yet it was service before self.
    You deserve the Country’s highest award even at this late stage.
    Wish, the Medical Council can moot it even at this late stage. Mother Lanka owes you that.
    Pardon me, Butchery, Photography, Narration & Bravery, all rolled into one to make you the perfect Surgeon – Thank you.

    1. My Dear Dickie Bird
      Thank you very much for reading my stories and your comment which is appreciated very much. I knew the dangers but I was reassured of my safety before my departure. Once I got there I had no problems at all, in fact I enjoyed the visit very much because there was so much to do and so much to see. Some of these I cannot publicise for obvious reasons. My return journey which I have not described yet was the most risky event which I have ever undertaken. More about that later. Please await!
      Best wishes

  10. These are historical times recorded by your camera. Congratulations!
    You have been very bold.

  11. Memories for you but some photographic evidence for those who didn’t see the mayhem themselves. Thank you Sir.

  12. Your experiences in the war zone are very heart moving, which I listen to through Wanesa youtube. Thank you for mentioning the book you have written, and I am interested in buying it. I bought few books on war sometime back as I like reading about the war through people with hands-on experience. I visited your website too and happy to realise that you are still maintaining it. These things are significant as people have forgotten all about war and behaving without considering the pain and suffering of others. Thank you, doctor, for taking the trouble to record all your experiences.

    I wish you good health and happiness.

    Janaki Bamunusinghe

  13. Much information which we were unaware of earlier. And some rare photos added. Thank you for the great service done in Jaffna at the height of the rebel dominancy.

  14. The welfare of the the sick. deprived and the disabled is your motto in life. You have contributed to achieve these gains throughout your career.As a surgeon you had better opportunities when you served in Jaffna during the gloomy days. You have not only done the best but also achieved uniqueness in our country.

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