Scenes from the Liberated Areas of Battle Front in the 1990s

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were in occupation of vast extents of land in the Jaffna peninsula. The Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, essentially the Sri Lanka Army had to capture this land with support from the other forces including the Air Force, Navy and the Police so that the Government of Sri Lanka could exert its writ on all the people living in the entirety of my country, Sri Lanka.

Thus, armed forces had to move forward in organised formations in well-planned operations to recapture the land. These military operations involved the movement of troops by foot as well as in special military vehicles with air support provided by the Sri Lanka Air Force. There is no war without injury and death to personnel and damage to property including vehicles used by the armed forces and the displacement of people.

The enemy on occasions taken unaware by the superior firepower of the armed forces had to escape from their hiding places hurriedly, leaving behind their arms and ammunitions some of which they had captured by the infiltration of the camps of the armed forces previously.

Hence, as we moved forward in the captured areas towards the Forward Defence Lines (FDL) of the Army we witnessed so much in a war-torn area. These scenes are presented as short photo stories to those who are interested in such scenes …………..

This is a bit of the history of Sri Lanka that cannot be forgotten. Please view the photos and read the related short story.

More to follow…

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