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Post-conflict pictorial journey

ප්‍රභා හිස නැවූ එකම සිංහල දොස්තරවරයා | WANESA TV
Introduction Video to A Surgeon’s Tales / Website / Blog / Dr. Gamini Goonetilleke!
Induction of the 38th President / Speech by the Chief Guest / Dr. Gamini Goonetilleke

V Awards 2011 – Finalist – Dr. Gamini Goonetilleke
Prof. Gamini Goonetilleke – Part 01
Prof. Gamini Goonetilleke – Part 02
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42 thoughts on “VIDEO GALLERY

  1. Hello Doc,
    ” You have allowed yourself to be who you are &
    have embraced uncertainty as reality & embraced it as well”
    You are one Heroic Surgeon and moreover, a wonderful Human Being.

  2. Gamini Aiya
    I watched the video link you just send via email in GOONEWAN cousins what’sapp messages yesterday. What you have done is amazing. It was so brave of you to go Tiger area even though your safety was assured. I showed it to Sriyan too. You are a true hero.


  3. prof. gamini, well done,you are a good and great semaritan but be careful of the vultures. god bless you and your family. vivian

  4. Fantastic and brilliant service to the nation. I cannot think of anyone bold enough to make that trip to Jaffna that time.

  5. Very fascinating and absolutely well explained. You have been an outstanding surgeon in Sri Lanka who has helped the downtrodden Sri Lankan peasants

  6. Congratulations!
    What a lot of material you have gathered. A mission well accomplished bringing honour to your profession and yourself

  7. Fabulous interview Gamini. A very touching, absorbing and an emotional narrative of your experiences. I am sure everyone will appreciate what a great humanitarian you have been. What a career it has been!

  8. Speech – Chief Guest
    Great content delivered good diction. I appreciated the comparison of the Presidency to a T20 match

  9. Chief Guest
    A very rare human being in addition to his outstanding professional achievements

  10. Inspirational speech. You have achieved so much and through so many obstacles.

  11. Congratulations on your excellent presentation and your remarkable achievements including all valuable contributions to humanity

  12. Reminded me of the times in ward 8 of Sri Jayewardenapura General Hospital and your input at the beginning of our career was invaluable. I am sure the 38th President of The College of Surgeons feels the same.

  13. Your YouTube interview made me very proud and happy. You can look back and reflect on your selfless service which only a few can do at this stage of our lives.

  14. Interview Wanesa TV
    I watched your interview. I am speechless and grateful for the valiant service you have done for the country. I want to thank you as a citizen of Sri Lanka and express my sincere gratitude. You have put your life at risk without hesitation and walked the chapters of your life.

  15. Wanesa TV
    I watched the interview and it was great. You are a hero. Sri Lanka need people like you to be a prime role model or young doctors in Sri Lanka. You are a true patriotic genuine doctor. What a great story!

  16. I watched your interview on Wanesa TV about service, examiner for medical students and release of two fishermen from LTTE custody. I am very proud of you and pray to my God Allah to keep you in good health.

  17. Thank you Dr.Goonetilleke for sharing your experiences.Its amazing. You really made use of your God given talents and earned a high reputation and respect from your patients, Coleagues and friends. May God continue to bless you.

  18. A remarkable piece of compilation by an eminent surgeon ,capturing some of the poignant memories of the war torn region of the North. This would remain a legacy for the future medics to pursue Medicine with broader perspective
    A V Wimalasingham

  19. Your hands touched
    your eyes watched
    your heart reached
    A physicians trade ‘to comfort always’
    Well done
    Victor wimalasingham

  20. A truly AMAZING 8.33 video with pictures taken by you. feels like a different world.
    Thank You

  21. I have never visited the war zone and this presentation was very educative but sad to watch too.

  22. A well described account of our recent history. This beautiful pictorial collection should be preserved by every Sri Lankan irrespective of their race and creed for us and our future generations. Most us have forgotten what happened during the years prior to the end of this long drawn war spanned over a period of thirty years. Most of these pictures we see for the first time. These pictures tell the story of how talents were used for destruction. If used for development we could have made our country a real paradise. Thank you Gamini for sharing it with me

  23. Thank you very much for t his lovely presentation. We should never forget those years of suffering fear and hardship, andthe men who gave their lives so that future generations could live in peace. Indeed we are proud of your services.

  24. Thank you for sharing. I see that you are very proud of your experiences in the war-front in addition to providing services to the injured soldiers in the war.

  25. The post conflict pictorial journey gives us a glimpse of the horror of the period when the rebels were dominating and is a tribute to the Srilankan army. The service you have done during this period was immense and I pay this tribute to you.

  26. thank you for the great work and may god bless you and your family. vivian jayaweera

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